Mooji: « You are peace itself »

La santé par l'Ayurveda


Many beings come to me and say, ‘Life is flowing very beautifully now. I am in a state of peace. My intuitive powers are opening up. Life is a sweet flow. I see sensations and thoughts coming and going but I am unchanging.’
They feel they are enjoying the complete state of Self-realisation.
But then unexpectedly, this state is suddenly changing. Many thoughts are coming now and they are not nice ones.
Before, there was a shield of protection but now all ugly things are coming through. The awakening honeymoon seems to be over.
Now please pay attention. Listen well.
This is a form of Grace actually. This phase has come and signals that you must mature further in order to attain complete realisation of the Self.
I sometimes say, ‘You want to taste the honey, you don’t want to be the honey’. What is this honey? It is the…

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